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5 Prevalent Health Myths And Their Reality

Posted by on Jan 24, 2013

5 Prevalent Health Myths And Their Reality

Like in every other walk of life, in health there are also numerous myths prevalent. The reason the myths get prevalent is because firstly whatever most of us hear from a slightly healthier person we consider it reliable and secondly because of lack of knowledge regarding the concept of health and its constituents.
In the domain of health, there are several myths prevalent, which people follow blindly. For instance, that aging is inevitable, the truth of which is that hormone therapy is a valid treatment for low testosterone which resists aging. Similarly, numerous other myths are present. The lines below give the five major health myths and their reality.


The most common health phenomenon present today is the superfoods phenomenon. People believe that there are foods that can give them absolute energy and health benefits. The fact of the matter is that it is not true and there is no such food that can be termed as superfood. Rather the reality is that in most cases, the superfoods can:
• Be loaded with excessive sugar, sodium or fat
• May carry excessive nutrients that may disturb the metabolism process causing harm
Therefore, there is no such food as superfood; rather a person must maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Daily Multivitamin

People are also convinced that in order to keep the body healthy they need to keep on taking multivitamins on daily basis. A few authentic studies conducted in this regard show that the daily intake of multivitamins is not necessary; rather in few cases it can be detrimental to health. Studies show that multivitamin and supplement use on regular basis may lead to death in general, and may cause cancer in men who take selenium supplements or Vitamin E supplements regularly.

Egg Yolks

Egg yolks have long been victimized for causing heart problem and disturbing the cholesterol levels. it is also a myth, and occasional consumption of eggs does not affect your cholesterol levels, nor does it cause any heart problem.

Red Meat

Another myth prevalent today is that red meat raises the bad cholesterol level therefore it needs to be avoided. However, a new study proved the fact that red meat may help in being a part of good cholesterol factors if and only if people would choose lean meat instead of the bulky ribs. A simple and normal consumption of red meat does not cause any harm.

8 Glasses of Water

The most prevalent and strong myth is that in order to stay hydrated a person needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day. A study conducted at a recognized institute shows that it is not necessary to drink 8glasses of water for hydration, unless one has some kidney condition. The study says that one can stay hydrated by consuming H2O from foods, beverages, tea and other edible items.


In short, one needs to do proper research before following any health practice blindly. The more you know about the health and the affecting factors, the more you will know about the reality of the health practices and phenomena.

Aimee Sparker is a content writer for NSI and usually writes on benefits of growth hormone therapy, anti aging, treatment for low testosterone, obesity, acne etc.

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