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Keto Tips for a Successful Diet

Keto Diet

After being on the Keto diet for well over a year, I wrote down a few things that I would have liked to done prior to starting my journey. A low carb, high fat diet definitely doesn’t fit into society’s definition of a proper “diet” and it takes some time to adapt to.

There is a ton of information out there, and I’m in no position...

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Spinach Nutrition Facts-- Super Food


Green Giant of Superfoods Builds Stronger Bones

A look at the nutritional content of spinach reveals a vegetable that is jam packed with value. Spinach is considered one of the world’s most healthy vegetables and ranks at the top of the list for nutrient density.

It is impressive in its concentration of vitamins and minerals, with 18 of the 23 nutrients providing...

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Does Calorie Restriction Really Prolong Life?

Calories & Health

Whenever people talk about calories, it’s always negative in tone. I’ve already heard a lot of people complain about calorie levels and modern medicine have reminded us time and again about the importance of calorie restriction.

Calorie restriction (or calorie control, according to some people) is a regimen that involves controlling the amount of food that you consume in ord...

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