Does Calorie Restriction Really Prolong Life?

Calories & Health

Whenever people talk about calories, it’s always negative in tone. I’ve already heard a lot of people complain about calorie levels and modern medicine have reminded us time and again about the importance of calorie restriction.

Calorie restriction (or calorie control, according to some people) is a regimen that involves controlling the amount of food that you consume in order to bring down your calorie level to a more desirable degree.

People who want to bring down their weight use calorie restriction all the time, since it is effective if done properly.

However, there’s been a debate regarding its efficiency. Some experts agree that calorie restriction does not apply to everyone and that it can also cause health problems when done continously.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse that often applies to lazy people or to the marketers who are trying to sell some new diet pill or medicine. If ever you’ve tried calorie restriction and have not lost weight, it may be because you are not doing it right. Remember that an effective calorie restriction diets puts your calorie level up to 25% less than what your body really needs.

This means you have to eat foods that are really low on calories, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and others. Your body will have no choice but to use up your body’s extra calories and this will lead to weight loss.

However, moderation is also very important. Going on a calorie restricted diet all the time can give out health problems too. Since you are just eating food that your doctor ordered, you might not be getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly.

Speaking of calorie restriction, your doctor will give you a particular diet that you have to follow. Research has proven that does who strictly adhere to the calorie restriction diet have experienced a slower aging process.

This means that calorie restriction does prolong your life. In the past, when processed foods weren’t invented yet, people relied on fresh fruits and vegetables as their usual diet.

There were fewer incidents of heart attacks and calorie-related diseases; therefore, going on a low calorie diet is one good way to bring back health into your life. Calorie restriction diets also brings down your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, so if you want to live a longer, healthier life, going on a calorie restriction diet might not be a bad idea after all!